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(SF) One Story - One story single-family homes.



(SF) One 1/2 Stories - Second floor only has adequate ceiling height in a portion of it.



(SF) Two Stories - Has adequate ceiling height throughout upper story.



(SF) More Than Two Stories - Single-Family homes with more than two stories.



(SF) Modified Two Story - Two story single-family house where the second story has full ceiling height throughout but has less square feet of finished space than the first level, leaving a portion of the structure without the second story (Should not include multi-level homes with a half set of risers but not a shorter full set.).



(SF) Three Level Split Homes



(SF) Four or More Level Split - Built like a three level split, except with a basement level and/or additional levels.




(SF) Split Entry / Bi-Level - Upon entering, go up or down a set of stairs. May be front-back or side split.



(SF) Other - Any single family dwelling that does not fit into the preceding categories.



(TH) Quad / 4 Corners - Usually split entry design. Each unit in one corner.



(TH) Side x Side - Commonly has two to six units connected with common walls side by side. Also called row house.



(TH) Detached Townhome - Single family stand alone unit with a townhouse-type homeowner association.



(CC) High Rise (4+ Levels) - Has common entrance and hallways. Includes converted apartment buildings.



(CC) Low Rise (3- Levels) - Common entrance and hallways. Includes converted apartment buildings.



(CC) Manor / Village - A manor has one entry hall for four units, two units on first floor and two units on second floor. The village is similar to the manor style plus added units on each end with private entrances. Other village designs have two or three stories.



(CC) Two Unit - May be side x side or up and down. Often a duplex converted to a condominium or coop.



(CC) Converted Mansion - Converted single-family home with three or more units.



(TH) Twin Home - Zero lot line ownership, double side by side. May have a homeowner association.